Quote of the Day
“People are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln
Things to Learn from Life’s Little Instruction Book
560. Never claim a victory prematurely. 
561. Say “bless you” when you hear someone sneeze.
562. Remember that just the moment you say, “I give up,” someone else seeing the same situation is saying, “My, what a great opportunity.”
Word of the Day (from http://wordsmith.org/words/today.html)
Definition: (verb) To fill with delight.
Synonyms: enchant, enthrall, ravish, transport
Usage: The Harry Potter books have enraptured millions of young readers.
Portuguese Word of the Day (from http://www.transparent.com/word-of-the-day/today/portuguese.html)
Portuguese word: teclado
English translation: keyboard
Part of speech: noun
Portuguese example: Não sei como trocar o layout do teclado.
English example: I don’t know how to change the keyboard layout.
Spanish Word of the Day (from http://www.transparent.com/word-of-the-day/today/spanish.html)
Spanish word: descabellado
English translation: ridiculous
Part of speech: adjective
Spanish example: Sus respuestas fueron descabelladas.
English example: Her replies were ridiculous.
French word: primesautier
English translation: impulsive
Part of speech: adjective
French example: Notre patron est assez primesautier ; c’est autant une qualité qu’un défaut !
English example: Our boss is quite impulsive; it is as much of a quality as it is a fault.